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Our Authors' Information Page
If you are an author whose manuscript or work has already been accepted for publication by please refer to this information. Note only authors with whom has signed a contract should use this information.
The Terms of Your Contract
If we have a contract with you we will do our very best to abide by its terms and we expect our authors to do the same. Therefore, please ensure that you keep a copy of your publishing contract and refer to it as the principle source of any questions you may have.

New! Authors Can Now Request to Track Sales of Their Books
Our Authors can now request the ability to track the sales of their books as they are tallied month by month. To get this capability an Author should merely email his editor with a request for access to her or his book account.
This account is a Google Document file that is linked to the 13-digit ISBN number of the book. An Author granted access can then view the sales of his or her book as a read-only file that is our monthly record of sales. Authors will also be able to see the cost of book production and therefore gauge when they might expect royalities.

Publishing Process
This process will be described in your contract. Most of our authors have been assigned academic editors who will review their books and suggest substantive adjustments. We expect our authors to work closely with the academic editors.
After this process has been completed your work will be passed on to copyeditors who will read your text looking for typing, grammar, vocabulary, and stylistic errors. This process may consist of two or three stages of sending you electronic proofs, reviewing your comments, and additional copyediting. When these stages are completed our index and concordance editors will create an index for your book and any other tables. This is usually done through a combination of manual editing work and automatic technology. You may be asked to contribute to this process by reviewing indexes, suggesting additional terms, and by re-reading and/or checking the tables.
Either after or while the copyediting process is taking place we will 'mark-up' the artwork for your book and/or the cover, spine and back cover will be done and sent to you for comment. At this time we will also assign a 13-digit ISBN number and decide upon the price at which we sell your book. We will often also design a basic marketing strategy for your book. At thsi stage you will be asked to provide pieces such as photographs, a forward, a preface, an acknowledgment, etc. We may also send out any pre-review copies we deem necessary.
Finally, after we will print your book. At this point we will send you the number of free copies specified in your contract. We will also send out any review copies we deem necessary. And, we will begin to advertise and distribute your book.

Privacy Policy
We keep all of your information confidential unless you authorize us to do otherwise, but note that publishing contracts frequently include your agreement to cooperate with publicity for selling your book which may include using your name, likeness (picture or photograph) or other identifying information.

Who Should You Contact?
Throughout the publishing process you should email your editor, usually, Mr. Robert Kaplan ( or Susan White (susanw@cdpublshing,org) if you have any problems or questions. During the very important stage of academic editing you should contact your academic editor directly, but you may also contact your editor if there are any special problems or questions that you have.