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Information for Prospective Authors

If you are already an author with please refer your enquiries to your production editor.
If you are an author you can send us a 2-5 page "Book Proposal" with the required attachments (see below).
If we are interested in considering your book for publication we will ask for more chapters or your entire manuscript. At this point we will send your manuscript to readers for their comments. 
If we decide to publish your book you will be sent a contract of publication for your approval. We will edit the book, create the cover, index the book (if necessary), obtain the ISBN number, and arrange the printing and distribution of the book.
You can usually expect your book to be in print within one year of our acceptance. You will receive five copies of the your book free of charge and discounts on purchases of additional copies.


The below table indicates the approximate timing of the publication process. A publication schedule will be agreed upon between you and Although we sometimes need to deviate from this schedule for reasons beyond our control - and we understand you may have to do so as well - we do try very hard to hold to the agreed schedule.




Publication Timing


 Consideration of your proposal after you submit a complete book proposal*  one to two months 
 Consideration of full manuscript three to four months
 Negotiation of publishing contract two months 
 Consideration of your final draft by editors three months 
 Editing process after first draft comments made  two to six months 
 Final edit one to two months 
 Layout and Cover Design one to two months 
 Printing** five weeks


 Book available at this point (process takes /- 10 months to 2 years).

 Postages and Distribution  four weeks 
 Publicity and  Advertising  six months
 Book on Sale for (usually) four to five years four years

The above timings are estimates and may vary widely depending on the indvidual project.


*As defined below.

**Dependent on print run and modality of printing.


You can then send this information to or to fax number 1-206-984-4734.


Complete Book Proposal


A 'complete Book Proposal' includes all of the following:

  • your name and contact address, telephone, fax, and email;
  • the suggested title of your book and a 2-3 page summary of book;
  • a draft summary Table of Contents;
  • two chapters (although occassionally, by agreement we will accept proposals without attached chapters);
  • who your audience is and why these persons are interested in your book; and.
  • any additional information that you think will help market and distribute your book.


Nota Bene: Please note that no representations made on this page are legally binding. You will be provided a publication contract for your book as each publication is unique. It is the written contract for your book that that forms the basis of legal obligations for the parties concerned.