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Small, but Quality
The book publishing business is very competitive. As a result many publishers have allowed quality to be sacrificed for the income necessary to survive.  We are different. We believe that it is not worthwhile publishing unless we publish quality work that has socially redeeming value. Therefore, we publish only books that will benefit society and rely on their quality to sell our books. To date we have been successful as our books are sold around the world and appear in quality bookstores on five continents. carefully evaluates the books it publishes and vigoursly seeks quality manuscripts that will have a beneficial impact on society.


How do we do this?


Of course, it is not easy. It is much easier to chase the 'daily dollar'. Instead we search out authors and books that we think are saleable in different parts of the world from authors whose main objective is to provide books that will educate their audiences about international affairs.


We only started in 2003 with a small group of people who are willing to search for authors, edit, design, and distribute books. We rely very much on our own distribution skills and the quality of our books. Our primary means of securing buyers is to circulate our books by sending out numerous copies to targeted prospective buyers who will find our books valuable for and saleable in their markets. This often means our markets are spread out around the globe. In addition, we also often use small run printers in Asia, Europe, and Africa.


We are non-profit company that invests all our income into searching for and publishing quality books.  


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 Company history was started as a small independent publishing company based in Washington, D.C., USA in 2004. It was initially set up to publish and distribute the works of authors that ordinarily are not published in the United States and to make the publications of United States-based authors affordably accessible outside the United States. Today the company publishes and sells books around the world.


While our staff is small we are growing. Our dedicated staff seek out authors, edit books, design books, market books, and seek to establish relationships with book buyers all over the world, but especially were books in the areas we publish might not otherwise be available. We now exhibit or attend several international book fairs and welcome your visit to our booths.


Our modest annual goal is to turn out between two and five books a year as well as to work on new editions of publications we already make available. Thus although there is significant competition to publish with us, we make sure that the books we do publish get quality attention.

Customer testimonials


"Thank you for the fast fulfillment of our order .... We especially appreciate your fast turnaround even on small orders." A major US Distributor.


"Introduction to International Human Rights Law is a great book. Easy to read and accessible to law students no matter what their background." Professor of Law, from an African university. 


"Keep up the good work." Professor of Law, from an African university.


"[International Human Rights Law: Cases and Materials] is an excellent resource for lawyers and students interested in international huamn rights law." Professor of Law, from an African university.


"Voices from the Within the well of Wishes and Worldy Feelings is well worth reading from these two new poets." Review comment.