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Q: Who is


A: is an Small Independent Press that publishes only two or three books a year by authors who bravely take on difficult social issues with well documented arguments and books that can be used for teaching purposes. We create and publish so few books because we carefully review and edit each book worrying more about the book's content and the book's value to its readers then the profit we make from selling many books. is a small privately-owned not-for-profit company. We put the bulk of the money we earn from the sale of our books back into the creation of our books.

A: currently sells books on international relations, international law (international humanitarian, criminal, and human rights law and international politics), poetry books, and books on humanitarian issues.

A: You can buy's books at this website (just click on the link "Buy Books") or at a select and growning number of quality bookstores spread out from "Politics and Prose" in Washington, DC, to the Bookstore at the Tashkent Institute of Law in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, the Human Rights Center at Pristina University in Kosovo, the bookstore at An-Najah National University in Palestine, or bookshops in India, the USA, or Europe. To purchase's books online you will need a credit card or a paypal account.