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Bulk Sales Rates

Are you buying more than 5 copies of the same title? offers bulk sales rates to any individual or entity who purchases more than five copies of the same title. Although this rate was orginally meant for universities and other academic bodies who purchase our books in large numbers, in 2007 we decided to make this rate available to all individuals purchasing more than five copies of the same title in a single order.


The bulk sales rates start from 5% to 10% discounts for purchases of 6-15 books and rise up to 50% discounts for purchases of more than 50 copies of the same title in a single order.


Even orders purchased through distributors on behalf of several bookstores, qualify for the discounts if they are groups into one order from the distributor!


To apply for the bulk sales rate either write us at or fax us at +1-206-984-4734. These rates cannot be provided on purchases made through our website because they are specially negotiated.


Preferential rates for the purchase of more than 26 books may be applied when purchasing from our website.